"hey can you please not sit on that furniture, it’s actually a piece of art" my ass is a piece of art and i sit on it ever damn day, chill

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it’s 2014 get that fucking slur out of your username you think anyone wants to see that shit

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I will reblog this until my fingers bleed

so true



Bubble Gum Girl by Hajin Bae


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sometimes i think about how portal was a game with no male characters, featuring a WOC protagonist and an excellent female antagonist who were both anything but sexualised, and yet somehow still managed to create an interesting and engaging experience for female and male gamers alike, win awards, and get a sequel, and then i look at people who say “games with female protagonists don’t sell” and i laugh. for a very long time.

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Jane Greer, Faith Domergue and Jane Russell 1947 (via)

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"Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit."

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reminder that boob veins are beautiful and hardcore as heck

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Cykeem White & Alexander Dominguez


*train emoji*

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